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Available on all plans’s Weather Intelligence Platform allows you to translate weather conditions into actionable items in order to help your business plan in advance for significant weather events. Each actionable item that you define is what we call an Insight. With insights, you can group these actionable items that you want to track on an insight dashboard for different use cases or locations. Ultimately, insights will be a key part in how you communicate and execute weather response plans, and insight dashboards are a key part of how you visualize your insights by location.

Creating Insights

The best way to think of insights is to consider your organization's specific weather concerns. Based on those weather concerns, if you can create a response plan for your teams so they are alerted of the right conditions at the right time, they can start implementing safety protocols accordingly. The triggered weather parameter, and protocol plan, is the insight. Ultimately, insights are a way for you to simplify the forecast, rather than monitoring conditions to manually dictate when a weather event occurs. 

Insights can be created in two ways: 

  1. Building your own insights and attaching them to a customized dashboard.

  2. Leveraging prebuilt insight dashboards from’s industry template library. These are already established dashboards with insights built around relevant weather parameters and thresholds for each use case.

Check out these tutorials to begin creating and managing your insights:

Remember, you want to create an insight based on valuable rules and conditions so that your team easily understands what action needs to be taken. If there are insights from other dashboards you are interested in, you can download them in the same manner and then manage the individual insights after. You’ll see that all the insights are then housed in the library tab. Should you want to modify a given threshold or verbiage of a pre-built downloaded insight, you can do so here as well. 

Creating Insight Dashboards

Once you’ve created multiple insights, you will want to compile them together so that they are connected with a location, and viewable on what is called an Insights dashboard. If and when the various thresholds for chosen parameters are triggered, different insights will be reflected on your dashboard. Each dashboard ensures that your weather concerns are being monitored in the areas you have chosen. You can then view the insight dashboard directly on the map to see exactly where and when certain insights are considered true.

Compiling the insights into a dashboard provides you with a customized view for your operation or use case. On the dashboard, you can view all of your Insights per location, and you can track exactly when each condition will occur and where. Of course, you can attach the same insight to various dashboards. For example, if heavy rain impacts both Delivery Times and Employee Safety, you’ll want to make sure insights are live on both views. Tip

Tip! Outside of the dashboard, you can also monitor your locations and insights directly on the map view.

Check out these tutorials to begin creating and managing your insights dashboards:

Monitored Locations 

Once you’ve created an insight and applied it to a dashboard, you can view the dashboard, or specific insights from that dashboard, against a location,  on the map. The monitoring view on the map view gives you a holistic understanding of the weather approaching your locations, and the actions you need to take, based on the insights you care about. You can utilize the filters and tags for locations and insights to narrow down what you want to view in the monitoring tab Tip

By going back to the monitoring view and zooming out on the map a bit, you will actually see other locations found on this dashboard. Click on the little pins and the dashboard will transfer locations..

Check out these tutorials to begin creating and managing your monitored locations:


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