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The trends workflow allows you to track two raw weather values, across an hourly or daily forecast. This provides you enhanced visibility of your weather data overlays. The trends workflow functions the same as the timelines view, or the weather tracking view beneath the map.

The trends workflow, similar to the weather parameter timeline views on the Map page— allows you to view forecasts for two raw parameters, across an hourly or daily forecast.

The Trends workflow can be accessed via the Trends icon in the menu bar. Although it is also within the maps workflow, because it is broken out as a separate page in the platform, it’s considered a workflow.

Directly beneath the weather tab on the map, or beneath the location in the trends workflow, is a data overlay dropdown, which populates the weather parameters you can see on the map. Similar to the timelines view in the map workflow, you can create a customized view, or change the timeframe you are viewing the timeline, by alternating between now, today, tomorrow, and this week. Check out these tutorials to begin creating and managing your trend views:



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